LibreOffice powered by CIB releases new, updated LTS version

Munich, October 28th, 2021 – with allotropia software providing the engineering, CIB software, the innovation leader for digitization, process automation and document management with AI, today updates its LibreOffice powered by CIB product range to version 6.4 LTS. This update contains a complete desktop productivity solution for companies and organizations of all sizes to deploy LibreOffice in a stable environment – support included.

The product range of LibreOffice powered by CIB contains the following options:

  1. LibreOffice powered by CIB Business, providing online support from a professional team, incremental updates and backport of security fixes for 18 months. The product is a business-optimized version of LibreOffice, focused on basic deployment issues of small and medium sized organizations.
  2. LibreOffice powered by CIB LTS (Long-term support), providing professional support from a team of developers, incremental updates and backport of security fixes for 36 months. The product is focused on the needs of large organizations deploying LibreOffice as the base of their desktop productivity, to be integrated with third party applications and to be personalized according to specific requirements

allotropia software – CIB collaborates with its spin-off allotropia software GmbH to provide
OpenSource engineering expertise and to deliver the latest version in the Microsoft Store.

Where to buy: LibreOffice powered by CIB single licenses can be purchased in the Microsoft Store. For multi-license purchases please contact CIB directly and visit the website:

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