LibreOffice HackFest Munich

Improving LibreOffice’s list numbering feature

Numbering and bullet list are a core feature of every word processing application, and naturally LibreOffice Writer has gazillion options in that area. Of course, Writer can also handle multilevel lists: Now, how are these lists stored in ODF? Each level defines a num-prefix (what will be written before numbering), a num-suffix (same as prefix,…

Improving LibreOffice’s network file access

Thanks to a tender by The Document Foundation, we have been able to implement a new and much improved curl-based HTTP/WebDAV UCP for LibreOffice 7.3. This is the technology that sits under almost every public network file access LibreOffice can do, like loading and saving from a NextCloud instance, or working on a file sitting…

LibreOffice powered by CIB releases new, updated LTS version

Munich, October 28th, 2021 – with allotropia software providing the engineering, CIB software, the innovation leader for digitization, process automation and document management with AI, today updates its LibreOffice powered by CIB product range to version 6.4 LTS. This update contains a complete desktop productivity solution for companies and organizations of all sizes to deploy…

LibreOffice Master Document Fixes

Earlier this year, allotropia software GmbH was awarded a tender to fix a number of problems around the master document feature (Tender to implement master document fixes (#202106-02)) by The Document Foundation (TDF). We have finished implementing the necessary changes, and all fixes will be available for testing in LibreOffice 7.2.2. Using master documents is…


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About allotropia

Hi! We’re allotropia software GmbH, a company providing services, consulting and products around LibreOffice and related opensource projects.

We kicked this off in late 2020 with 5 long-time developers of the project. Our stated mission is to bring LibreOffice to shine – in as many different shape and form as necessary to serve modern needs towards office productivity software.

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